About John Alan Carmack
Music is the key to life for me.  Whatever I am doing, my mind is constantly working with music.  Whether I am listening to my favorite songs or artists, writing songs, playing solo acoustic shows or with my band, Carmack and the Melody Dusters, I am always excited and happy to share my music with anyone who will listen. I am definitely doing what I am suppose to do and be who I am supposed to be.  

I did lose my way for a time, as life is full of twists and turns, but luckily I found my way back to where I am today!

I was born in Detroit, raised in Southeastern Kentucky, Lived in Nashville for almost 30 years and now my wife and I have embarked on a new life on the Gulf Coast of Florida in Tampa Bay.  All through these different stages of my life, music has always been with me and has never let me down.

I look forward to starting my music career in the Tampa\St. Pete area and I hope to see you somewhere down this road.